• Truvic Engineers is new in this field but the members of this company have vast experience in telecom sector.
  • Professionals having expertise in field of project planning, project management, RF and MW field and network implementation.
  • Our conceptually focused training programs will meet your training needs and save your money by having more effective delivery organization.
  • The students in their 2nd, 3rd and final year would be given proper training and would also be certified.
  • The candidates would be given class training and field training, so that they are aware about the working environment in future.
  • The candidates would be specialized in various fields.

Following topics would be covered during training programme

  • Telecom Fundamentals
  • CDMA Fundamentals
  • GSM Fundamentals
  • RF & Transmission Planning and Optimization
  • Drive Test
  • Complete 3G Exposure

Two types of training

In-house training

InHouse Training (Training inside the Campus Premises)
In practical terms, ‘In House’ refers to the internal operation of an organisation, and activities which are carried out by internal staff and employees. The activity of ‘Training’ refers to the process of teaching work-related skills, or knowledge, to employees with the aim of increasing the quality and efficiency of their position and the organisation as a whole.

Therefore, when we talk about ‘in house training’ we are referring to learning for employees led by the company itself. Frequently, an in-house training program features the development of training materials, courses, assessment and supervision. Significantly, inhouse training does not have to take place within the physical premises of the organisation and can, for example, take place at a training centre or conference room.

Out house training

In Company Training (Training inside the Company Premises)

In-company or on-site training is becoming more and more of a necessity for many businesses; especially within the construction industry. Specialised training in accordance with your business, and the industries needs can help your teams become more productive and innovative, in addition to boosting your profits.

Industrial Trainings

Core Telecom Training

One of our major strengths is our dedicated team of highly experienced trainers—each of whom train across a wide range of programmes. Their versatility means they can deliver training at all levels and can make complex technology issues accessible to non-technical staff as well as deliver indepth engineering training. Our business trainers are specialists in their field, enabling them to address the key issues affecting the telecoms industry today. All our training staff deliver training across a wide range of programmes.

Core Networks Training

A core network is a telecommunication network’s core part, which offers numerous services to the customers who are interconnected by the access network. Its key function is to direct telephone calls over the public-switched telephone network.

In general, this term signifies the highly functional communication facilities that interconnect primary nodes. The core network delivers routes to exchange information among various sub-networks. When it comes to enterprise networks that serve a single organization, the term backbone is often used instead of core network, whereas when used with service providers the term core network is prominent.

Types Of Core Networks Training

Network Operations

Network Operations refers to the activities performed by internal networking staff or third parties that companies and service providers rely on to monitor, manage, and respond to alerts on their network’s availability and performance.

Network Security

Network security is a broad term that covers a multitude of technologies, devices and processes. In its simplest term, it is a set of rules and configurations designed to protect the integrity.

About Truvic Engineers

We aim at raising standard of professionalism within the training industry and creating standards of excellence against which candidates are measured. Network Management Services training programs are continuously striving for the excellence education.

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