Site Design

All the towers require foundation for erecting it either on the roof top or in the ground. The foundation is designed in such a way so as to encounter the forces coming from the tower. Moreover the foundation designed should not affect the mother structure in case of roof top. For this purpose the designer should design the foundation in such a way that the mother structure as well as the tower foundation remains structurally stable. For this purpose structure stability analysis is done.
The structure stability means to check, whether the structure of tower, tower foundation as well as the building structure after considering all the design criteria from IS codes and the extreme condition for the particular area under which it falls, is safe or not. The process of structural stability includes the visual inspection of the tower as well as Mother structure and the design check of tower, tower foundation and mother structure.

Some importent factors in Site Design :

  • GBT (Ground Base Tower) Soil test of the site. Important factors governing foundationdesign are
  • SBC, angle of repose, soil density, water table, filled up soil depth if any.
  • RTT (Rooftop Tower) Physical check of existing bars in building column, size of building column, layout.
  • Leveling of Shelter Floor.
  • Air gaps should not be present.
  • Flooring should be even.
  • Sealing of joints done neatly (both inside & outside).
  • Working of door lock, closer & stopper.
  • Sunshades provided with proper slope.
  • Shelter ladder fixed properly with shelter.
  • Shelter base support (ISMB, plates) fixed properly.
  • Check nuts in foundation bolts.