Engineering & Civil Works

The Telecom / Electro-Mechanical Division specializes in installation, erection and maintenance works for telecommunication works and in industrial & power plants.

Telecommunications construction works

  1. Tower fabrication works
  2. Electro-mechanical erection / installation works
  3. Civil construction works
  4. Trading & Procurement Management

Our supervisor ensures that all rigging should be in absolute top quality condition. Additionally, all riggers on the tower are properly trained and carrying their rigging card with them except when climbing.

Civil Works:

Design and execution of foundations and associated Civil Works, we can provide you with the necessary geotechnical report complete with boring log and recommendations to make sure you have the proper foundation design to meet your tower specifications. We have experience in installing foundations for all types of towers; we can also install foundations for shelters.

  1. Perform all necessary earthwork.
  2. Install tower foundations, either caisson, spread, or rock anchor.
  3. Install lightning grounding and underground electrical work.
  4. Install equipment pad.
  5. Lay fabric and spread gravel.
  6. Install fencing as required.
  7. Coordinate with utility company to locate and place utility runs.
  8. Trench and install utility runs.
  9. Obtain and work with electrical contractor to install all electrical gear.